The Cheapest/ Free Ways of Promoting Your Business Online

When you set up an online store or an e-commerce venture, one of the hard issues is on how to promote it.  In particular, you may not have the cash to pay for marketing and advertisement costs since your business is new. Now, you are wondering whether to print brochures and issue them to prospective so as to gain a following.

But, did you know there are free ways of marketing and promoting your business online without spending any dime? Here they are:

Posting a link to your business web on your Social media page

Like anyone else, it is true that you are either in Whatsapp, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter. If so, you have some friends, and more importantly you are in several groups and liked pages.  From statistics, Facebook the leading social media platform have more than 4 billion subscribers. In fact, more than 1 billion of the subscribers are active each day.

As such, this should be an opportunity for you to market your business online for free. For instance, you can post a link to your business and tag your friends. Through this approach, you do not only reach your friends but also your friends’ friends. As well, you can create a page and invite people to like it.

Participating in online discussions and community forums

Nowadays, there is an influx of online community forums. As an upcoming webpreneur, you can actively participate in these forums and leave a link for the readers to visit your site for more information. However, you need to carefully read the terms and conditions of each forum as some do not allow link sharing while other has some restriction.

All in all, your active participation establishes you as an expert and audiences who may be interested in getting more information or purchasing a product from your store can utilize other means of reach you.  However, you should join forums that relate to your business.

Optimize your business website content for search engines

Lastly, to promote your business online for free, you can utilize the SEO optimization technique. As you are aware of, most people use a search engine to look up for product, services or information.  Through SEO techniques such as keywords, onpage, and backlinks among others, you can enhance the ranking of your business site and make it easily available on the search engines.


Hence, utilizing any of the above approaches, you can promote your business without spending a dime. Importantly, the methods are suitable for ventures at any level of their growth.

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